238 Guns

Photographs by James Coats 1970-1971

Rolling In 1
Rolling In 2
Rolling In 3
Rolling In 4
Rocket Strike 1
Rocket Strike 2
Rocket Strike 3
Rocket Strike 4
Rocket Strike 5
Rocket Strike 6
James Coats
Going Hot
My Crew Mates
Mike Hale
Khe Sanh
Recover Down Chopper
Taking out the trash
Motar in Green House
Motar Damage
Green House Round
Khe Sanh March 1968
Tuy Hoa
Some of the gang
Showing Weapons
Randy White and Norm Miller
Phil and Susie-hootch-maid
Phil and Mike Beus
James Coats
Heading out
Flight Crewman Coats
Crud Rude
Crud Rude
James Coats
Cool Hand Mccoy
Confederate Flag Vietnam
Coats at rest
Chuck Adams
122 Hit
Map 719
Side Razor Back
Short Final to Khe Shanh
Short Final to Khe Shanh
Razor Back
On way to Khe Shanh
Low level river ride
Highway 9
Highway 9